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Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Alissa can assist you in determining what type of estate plan best fits your particular needs and circumstances, whether you require a simple will, a revocable trust or a special needs trust.  Further, Alissa can provide you guidance with how your estate can avoid probate after your passing.  In addition to asset transfer planning, Alissa can also assist you with preparation of the documents necessary should you ever become incapacitated and unable to act on your behalf which includes a durable power of attorney, appointment of a health care representative and living will.

Estate and Trust Administration

After an individual passes away, the instructions in the decedent’s will or trust must be carried out by the executor or trustee.  Alissa can assist you with understanding the instructions and your responsibilities as the executor or trustee and can open a probate estate with the local court if necessary.  If you are challenging a will or a trust, need clarification of your rights as a beneficiary, or have questions regarding how a will or trust is being administered, Alissa is available to provide answers to your questions and to provide legal counsel.


A guardianship is necessary if an individual no longer has the capacity to make his or her own financial and/or health related decisions and the individual has not executed a power of attorney and/or appointment of a health care representative.  Guardianship proceedings determine whether an individual is legally incapacitated and not able to act on his or her own behalf.  There are two types of guardianships: guardianship over the person and guardianship over the estate (assets). Alissa can counsel you thru the guardianship process if your loved one is suffering a mental impairment.

Real Estate

If you are buying or selling a home, Alissa is available to represent you for a flat fee of $1200.  Alissa will draft the purchase agreement, prepare the necessary disclosures, order the title work and attend the closing with you.

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